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Protect them from sweaty feet and shoe odor, and extend their lifespan with ZEDERNA Cedar Soles


Healthy Feet.

Fresh Shoes. 100% Natural

ZEDERNA Cedar Wood Shoe Insoles


Smelly Hiking Boots?

Keep them dry and fresh with natural Cedar Wood Insoles

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"These are Super"

“I don't like wearing socks with my flats, and at the end of a long day my feet are still fresh”

Naturally Healthy Feet

ZEDERNA cedar wood insoles, handcrafted in Germany


Natural Cedar Wood Insoles

The Power of Cedar Wood For Your Feet and Shoes

Zederna Cedar Soles stop sweaty feet, prevent and eliminate foot and shoe odor, and support the treatment of athlete's foot and fungal infections

Why Cedar Soles?

    Sweat absorbing and anti-bacterial


    Natural cedar essential oils


    Wafer-thin and flexible


    100% natural, no chemicals


    Handcrafted in Germany

The Zederna Effect

Our cedar wood insoles are moisture-absorbing and naturally anti-bacterial. This helps to maintain a dry shoe climate and healthy skin. Cedar Soles stop sweaty feet issues, eliminate and prevent foot and shoe odor, and can even support the treatment of athlete's foot and other fungal infections of the nails and toes. Try the Zederna Effect today!

affected skin

(1)  Feet sweat naturally and moisture builds up in your shoes...
(2)  This damp and warm in-shoe climate unsettles the natural balance of your skin bacteria in 
an unhealthy way...
(3)  And creates the perfect environment for harmful bacteria and funguses to grow.
Before: Without Zederna
The result: Foot odor, itchy skin, and sometimes even more severe foot issues such as foot and nail fungus.

healthy skin

(1)  The Zederna Cedar Soles are made of cedar wood and cotton, which absorb sweat and excess body moisture...
(2)  The natural anti-bacterial properties of the cedar wood prevent harmful bacteria from growing and cedar essential oils effuse a pleasant scent...
(3)  This keeps your in-shoe environment dry and comfortable and maintains the natural and healthy balance of your skin.
After: With Zederna
The result: Healthy feet and fresh shoes. Cedar wood insoles help to eliminate and prevent the recurrence of foot odor, athlete's foot and nail fungus.


"Great for keeping feet dry"
"I wear these with my cute flats and they keep my feet dry all day. They are very comfortable and thin. My feet are usually sweaty wearing dress shoes, even when I wear tights. These inserts just make everything more comfortable and they keep my shoes clean inside. I highly recommend them."
"Love them"
"They are thin, comfortable and discreet. I am so excited to wear stylish shoes without having to worry about odor or discomfort. These are wonderful!"
"Fantastic! They really work"
"I purchased this product out of sheer desperation. My son has a huge problem with foot odor and nothing we tried really worked. He put these inside his shoe and I couldn't believe the difference. Finally no stinky feet. The customer service is excellent as I had a problem and they resolved it promptly!"
"It's Magic!"
"It takes a lot for me to feel it necessary to leave a review for anything. That being said, I absolutely LOVE these inserts. Forget the ordinary "stop foot odor" inserts from name brands. Nothing and I mean NOTHING has ever completely stopped the foot funk that I develop from working on my feet in a blue collar job all day. They are fantastic, they work and everybody should own these. PERIOD."
"Best Insoles for summer!"
"I walk a few miles each day to work, the gym, and back. These keep your feet smelling good. Prefer them over leather insoles which I've been using every summer."
"Great product"
"Thank you very much for this great product. I'm glad I no longer need to spray my shoes to get rid of my bad feet smell. I like how your insoles work all day long."



Cedar Soles
Order Zederna Insoles made of cedar wood in your individual shoe size.

Depending on your individual needs you can choose between the "Classic Insole" for normal sweat production and our "Insole with Silver Ions" for increased sweat production.

Made for you with care in our small German manufacture.


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  • Automatic delivery every 2 or 3 months.

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How do they work?

Cedar Wood Shoe Insoles absorb sweat and foot moisture keeping your in-shoe environment comfortable, dry, and healthy. Cedar wood’s natural anti-bacterial properties help to prevent and cure foot and shoe odor as well as common foot woes such as athlete’s foot and fungal infections of the nails and toes. In addition, cedar wood essential oils effuse a pleasant scent and have a shoe deodorizing effect.

How long can I use Zederna Cedar Soles for?

Depending on frequency and intensity of use, Cedar Soles Original can be worn for c. 3 months before they start losing their properties and should be replaced with a new pair. Our Cedar Soles Silver Care have a stronger effect and extended lifespan and can last c. 4-5 months before losing their properties.

Who can wear Cedar Soles?

Our cedar wood insoles are for everybody who wants to keep their shoes and feet fresh and healthy. They are perfect to stop sweaty feet issues and eliminate and prevent foot and shoe odor permanently. The natural anti-bacterial properties of cedar wood also can help to cure and prevent the recurrence of athlete’s foot and fungal infections of the nails and toes.

In what type of shoes can I wear your cedar wood inserts?

The Zederna Cedar Soles can be used in all types of closed shoes. You can wear the insoles with socks or sockless. The thin and flexible design makes them mould easily to your feet – after a short period they will be unnoticeable. When used with trainers during high impact sports we recommend fixing them with some double-sided adhesive tape.

Do I need to create an account to be able to order?

No, you can check out as a guest without creating an account. We do offer the option, however, to create an account and save your details for easy re-ordering.

What if I’m not happy with the Cedar Soles or they don’t work for me?

We want all our customers to be completely satisfied. If you are not happy, please contact us directly. We offer an unconditional money-back guarantee to customers that are not happy with their Zederna Cedar Soles.

The Zederna Footcare Blog

Zederna is joining the “The Grommet” family

“The Grommet” are one of the biggest supporters of true makers and new, innovative products. Our cedar wood insoles have now been chosen as one of their latest products and we are incredibly proud to be part of their program.