Sweaty feet are more common than you might have thought: About 40% of the population is suffering directly or indirectly from sweaty feet issues. Men are usually slightly more affected than women. Sweaty feet are also more than often the root cause for foot and shoe odor. But once you understood what causes smelly feet and stinky shoes you can easily get rid of them.

What causes feet to sweat (excessively)?
  • Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating and is often genetically or hormonally (e.g. puberty, pregnancy, etc.) conditioned
  • Tight and air-impermeable shoes as well as synthetic socks prevent your feet from evaporating naturally and cause sweaty feet issues
Why do my feet stink and my shoes smell?
  • Sweat is usually odourless and foot smell is caused by skin bacteria that decompose the sweat into smelly fatty acids
  • Bacteria love moist and warm environments and hence sweaty feet and moist shoes are an ideal breeding ground for them
  • That’s why it is so important to keep your feet and shoes as dry as possible at all times

The Zederna Cedar Soles are sweat-absorbing,
anti-bacterial, and naturally deodorizing
to keep feet and shoes dry and fresh.

How do I get rid of smelly feet and stinky shoes?
  • Feet: Dry feet (and shoes) are crucial to preventing and eliminating foot and shoe odor. Always dry your feet thoroughly after washing them
  • Socks: Synthetic and nylon socks to not absorb moisture, use wool and/or cotton socks instead with better moisture-absorbing properties
  • Shoes: Air out your shoes after wearing them and let them dry out completely for at least a day before re-use. Don’t wear the same pair day after day but rather swap between pairs
  • Shoe Insoles: The Zederna Cedar Soles are moisture-absorbing, antibacterial and effuse a pleasant and natural cedar scent. This keeps your feet and shoes dry and fresh all day in a convenient way
Why not use shoe deodorizers or sprays?
  • Shoe deodorizers and sprays mask the problem but do not eradicate it
  • In addition, the daily routine of spraying or powdering is time consuming and not very convenient


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The Power of Natural Cedar Wood for your Feet and Shoes