ZEDERNA Cedar Soles can help to prevent and treat athlete'’s foot and other fungal foot infections:
Find out more about symptoms and causes of athlete's foot, and how our cedar wood insoles can support its treatment and prevent its recurrence.

What is athlete’'s foot?
  • Athlete’s foot (medical term ‘tinea pedis’) is a fungal foot infection
  • It usually starts between your toes and can spread further across your feet
How do I know that I have athlete'’s foot?
Symptoms of athlete’s foot and foot fungus include
  • Red skin and itchy toes
  • Scaly rush
  • Stinging and burning
How do I get athlete'’s foot and foot fungus?
  • Athlete’s foot is caused by a foot fungus (rather than by bacteria or a virus)
  • The fungus spreads through skin-to-skin contact and touching contaminated areas
  • Walking barefoot in public areas such as showers, pools, locker rooms, yoga studios etc. can often lead to a fungal foot infection
  • Sweaty feet and a moist in-shoe climate favour the growth and development of these fungus leading to athlete’s foot condition and symptoms

Zederna Cedar Soles are perfect for maintaining
a dry shoe climate and stopping foot fungus from growing

How can I prevent athlete’'s foot?
  • Fungus loves moisture and heat, so it is very important to keep your feet and shoes dry
  • Dry your feet and areas between your toes thoroughly after walking barefoot in public places such as showers, pools, yoga studios, etc.
  • Use anti-fungal soaps to kill fungus on your feet after walking barefoot in public
  • Wear open shoes to air out your feet when possible and feasible
  • Use ZEDERNA Cedar Soles when wearing closed shoes: The moisture absorbing properties of the natural cedar wood are perfect for maintaining a dry shoe environment and stopping foot fungus from growing (The ZEDERNA Effect)
How do I treat and cure athlete'’s foot?
  • Athlete’s foot usually can be self-diagnosed and self-treated; nevertheless it is always advisable to consult your doctor for medical advice
  • Once athlete’s foot has developed and spread it is advisable to use antifungal medication such as creams, sprays or powders
  • As for prevention of foot fungus dry feet and shoes are also crucial for its treatment
Zederna Cedar Soles can support the cure and accelerate the healing of fungal foot infections by maintaining a dry shoe climate


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The Power of Natural Cedar Wood for your Feet and Shoes