Cold feet in winter: Reasons and Solutions

Why Your Feet Get Cold in Winter and What You Can Do

4th December 2016

Cold feet during winter months is a relatively normal thing. In fact, most people experience a bit of cold when they’re out and about on snowy days. But when your feet start feeling uncomfortably chilly or even painful, then it’s high time you reconsider your footwear choices or even pay a visit to the doctor’s office. There are many reasons why our feet may feel cold during cold weather, ranging from genetics, medical conditions, to low-quality footwear. In this article, we cover everything there is to know about cold feet from a scientific and medical viewpoint, and we also offer bits of advice on how to keep your feet warm once and for all. In combination with shoes and socks our Zederna cedarwood inserts will be a very good solution to get rid of cold feet in winter.


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