Cedar Soles Silver Care

25th May 2016

The Silver Care is our latest innovation and features silver ion technology for increased anti-bacterial effect and extended durability. It also comes in 14 individual sizes with no need to trim to fit. Try our latest product innovation today.
Product description
  • SILVER CARE – the latest Zederna innovation
  • Silver ions (nano-silver) are anti-bacterial and increase the natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of cedar wood – this results in a more powerful effect as well as an extended lifespan
  • The Silver Care shoe insoles are 100% natural, handmade in Germany, and crafted of a very thin layer of cedar wood on top of a silver-ionized cotton layer
  • The cedar wood / cotton mix absorbs sweat and excess foot moisture and keeps your feet dry, fresh and healthy
  • Cedar wood’s natural antibacterial properties and the silver ion technology help to prevent and eliminate foot odor and fungal infections
Key features
  • Increased anti-bacterial effect through silver ion technology
  • Sweat and moisture absorbing
  • Fragrant
  • 100% Natural
  • Handcrafted in Germany
Who can use them
  • Adults and children who
    • Want to stop and prevent foot and shoe odor
    • Suffer from excessively sweaty feet (incl. hyperhidrosis)
    • Suffer from excessively smelly feet (med. bromodosis)
    • Want treat and prevent recurrence of athlete’s foot and nail fungus
    • Suffer from cold feet
    • Wear their shoes without socks or nylons
  • Because they are 100% natural (no chemicals or artificial fragrances used) there are no side effects or restrictions for usage
How to use
  • Zederna Cedar Soles are convenient to wear with or without socks, and are suitable for everyday use in all types of closed shoes
  • Our insoles come in individual sizes, no need to trim to fit
  • Simply unwrap your Cedar Soles and place them in your pair of shoes (wooden side facing up)
  • Our cedar wood inserts are flexible and will comfortably mould to your feet and shoes after just a few steps (e.g. even if you place them on top of your orthotic insoles)
  • Depending on intensity and frequency of use they can be used for three to six months at which point they should be replaced with a new pair
Shipping & Returns
  • SHIPPING: USD 2.95 per order, free delivery for orders over USD 50.00
  • ORDER PROCESSING: Our orders are usually dispatched within 24 hours Monday to Friday; you will receive a confirmation e-mail once your order is being dispatched
  • DELIVERY TIMES: All our insoles are handcrafted in Germany and all orders will be sent from our factory warehouse in Germany. We want you to receive only the highest quality and craftsmanship, therefore please allow approximately 8-10 business days for your order to be shipped from Germany to the US
  • RETURNS: We are passionate about the quality of our products and we want our customers to be completely satisfied. If you are not happy please e-mail us. We’ll make a full order refund to customers who are not happy with their Cedar Soles
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