Everything you Need to Know About our Zederna Insole Subscription


Your benefits:

  • Save 50% with your first subscription order
  • Save 20% with every recurring order
  • Cancel your subscription anytime
  • Get your insoles regularly and automatically without reordering
What’s the catch?

There really is no catch! This offer is completely transparent, no hidden costs and you can cancel anytime for any reason. Plus: You will not find our handmade insoles for a lower price anywhere else – save 50% off the subscription price with your first order!

Why is the first order so cheap?

We would like our new customers to get to know our 100% natural product and convince themselves of its amazing quality – completely risk free. More than 40.000 happy customers love our insoles as much as we do – and we would love to win you over with that special offer.

Why should you subscribe?
  1. Save money with every order! Subscription prices are 20% lower than the regular single purchase prices.

  2. Try the insoles risk free: the first order is 50% cheaper than the regular subscription price for every new customer!
  3. Zederna cedar wood insoles are very long lasting but even they lose their properties after a couple of months (always depending on how much sweat a person produces) – so you will want to order new ones! Save yourself the trouble of reordering and receive new insoles regularly and automatically.

  4. You can choose whether you want your insoles every 2 or 3 months – depending on your needs.
  5. You can cancel your subscription any time!
How does it work – step by step?
  1. Click onto “Subscribe and Save” or click here.
  2. Choose which type of insoles you would like to order (Classic Insoles or our Insoles with Silver Ions).
  3. Enter your shoe size, the 2 or 3 month recurring delivery option as well as the quantity you need.
  4. Add to basket – your 50 % discount on the first delivery will be included in the checkout-process automatically.
  5. Your recurring deliveries will be shipped automatically after 2 or 3 months for the regular subscription price.
Will you be able to cancel your subscription?

YES! You can cancel your subscription any time. Simply log in to your customer account and click “unsubscribe”. If you prefer E-Mail you can cancel by writing to info@zederna.com.

Our subscription does not have a minimum number of deliveries. You can cancel your subscription after your first order. (Although we are sure that you will not want to do so after trying our Insoles!)

If you still have not found the catch …

… you are right! There truly is none! We at Zederna are absolutely convinced of the quality of our product and are sure that you will love your cedar wood insoles – now delivered to you regularly and with a 20% discount.

This page did not answer all of your questions? Write an email: info@zederna.com !