Zederna – The Wooden Insole

It goes without saying that the cedar wood used for our Zederna insoles comes from sustainable forestry, which is very important for our company. Now we want to do more good and will plant one tree with every order placed in our subscription!

Did You Know?

With just one cedar tree we can ensure the cedarwood insole production of half a year. Which means that we only use about two trees a year. This is possible because we pay attention to using our materials efficiently and to spare our natural resources as well as possible.

Plant Trees, Save Lives

As a company we want to actively contribute to a positive future! We want to give something back to the environment, help save the climate and support some of the poorest regions of the world! Together with our partner, the American non-profit organization Eden Reforestation Projects, we plant trees in regions particularly affected by deforestation, because: just protecting the forests is no longer enough! Eden Projects provides reforestation and agroforestry services and reduces poverty by employing local villagers.

This is why we plant a tree with every order in our subscription – whether it’s a new subscription or with every recurring order!

Reforestation: Important for the Environment, Humans & Animals

Animals ...

… regain their habitats

Rain ...

…  returns to dry regions

Better Water Quality ...

…  groundwater levels rise

Less Erosion ...

… as well as floods, soil quality recovers

Higher crop yields ...

… more food for the population

Secure Income ...

… for farmers, the local economy gets boosted

Less Poverty ...

… and therefore less slavery and child labor

What Trees Can Do – the Example of Madagascar

More than 90% of Madagascar’s mangroves have been deforested – with devastating results: Entire animal species were displaced, large parts of the land were eroded from the sea and the inhabitants were deprived of the possibility to grow food on the land.

Eden Reforestation Projects has already planted 283,670,856 trees (mainly mangroves) and thus not only employed many people, but has also made an active contribution to the protection of Madagascar, its inhabitants and the animal world. In addition, mangroves bind a lot of CO2 – a positive message for climate change!




With your Zederna subscription you do not only plant a tree with each order, but you will save at least 2 USD with each pair delivered to you. With our subscription service you  will receive a new delivery every 2 or 3 months automatically. Without any risk: you can cancel your subscription any time.

In the following video you will learn more about our partner Eden Reforestation Projects