Our savings subscription for new customers in detail
Why it has no catch and how it works

With our savings subscription for new customers, we would like to make a very transparent offer to all new customers, in order to convince themselves once for an exclusively fair introductory price of our high-quality insoles.

Because only customers who have really worn, smelt and felt our soles can convince themselves of all the advantages in their entirety. Even more than 30,000 satisfied customers speak a clear language, but we also want to convince you.

So try our soles. If you like it, a convenient subscription will make a lot of sense for many different reasons:

Why our savings subscription?

  • The cedar soles are a 100% natural product. They work with the natural antibacterial power of the cedar tree and are therefore highly effective for dry foot climate and a great walking comfort as on wooden planks.
  • However, the antibacterial mode of action of our insoles naturally decreases after about 3 months. Customers with heavy sweat on their feet often take on new, very fresh soles after only 2 months, to give their feet full effectiveness again.
  • To reorder every 2 or 3 months is very annoying. Or one forgets it, pushes it on and in consequence one carries soles, whose effect is not as strong as on the first day.
  • Our savings subscription should therefore be a practical service for you with which you can even save 20% with each delivery. Very easily!
  • In order to convince you of our soles and our subscription service, we have developed a unique offer for all new customers with which you save even 50% on the first delivery. So you can test our soles and our subscription at a sensational low price.
  • This introductory offer applies to all new Zederna customers, but also to customers who have so far only ordered individual cedar soles.
  • And most important: you can end the savings subscription at any time.

How exactly does the new customer offer work?

  1. You choose the saver subscription (instead of the single purchase) and get the soles more than 20% cheaper than in a single purchase. For every new delivery, also in the future.
  2. You enter shoe size and the delivery interval (2 or 3 months). You can also mix several sizes in one delivery interval to save shipping costs (from 2 pair free shipping, also for subsequent deliveries)
  3. In the final step of the ordering process, an inspection takes place in the system. If you have never taken advantage of our introductory bonus of 50% off the first delivery, you will now automatically receive a voucher of 50% off the first delivery. This 50% will be subtracted in the last step of the ordering process.
  4. You will receive the first delivery then with 50% discount, all other deliveries then at the regular savings subscription price.

The exact terms and benefits of the savings subscription

Our savings subscription is just a service for you and means absolutely no contract for you.

That means:

Cancellable at any time
You can cancel informally at any time. Simply log in to your customer account at https://zederna.com/myaccount/ and click on “Unsubscribe”. That’s all, they will immediately receive a notice of termination. Or you write a short E-Mail to info@zederna.com and we do the termination manually for you.

Automatic cancellation when paying by Paypal or credit card
If you have specified payment by Paypal / by credit card, the subscription is also canceled immediately.

Subscription can also be canceled after the first delivery
There are no minimum number of deliveries, meaning you can cancel immediately after the first delivery if you do not like the Zederna soles.

Money back guarantee
We also offer a money back guarantee, i.e. if you do not like the Zederna soles after the first time you wear them, we will refund you the full purchase price if you return the soles to us.

You have not found the hook yet?

It does not exist either. For over 10 years, our top priority is a high customer satisfaction. You can measure us by that. And that can already be confirmed by over 30,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Our conditions in the savings subscription are really as customer-friendly as described here. We want you to try our Zederna soles for free and you’re sure that you’ll be so confident in the quality of our cedar soles that they will not quit immediately.

You see: no risk for you!


Now here directly secure the benefits of our savings subscription…