The Zederna Insole

Remedy for Foot Odour and athlete's feet

The Zederna Insole eliminates unpleasant foot smell, athlete’s foot and nail fungus effectively and simply.

Problems with unpleasant foot smell, athlete’s foot or nail fungus belong to the past! The Zederna Insole sets with its antibacterial effect exactly there, where foot odour and athlete’s foot develop.

Generally foot odor and athlete’s foot do not arise alone from the sweat, which surrounds your feet. It is rather bacteria existing on the skin, which are decomposed by the sweat. The waste product of this decomposition leaves a very unpleasant smell and is an ideal breeding climate for athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

zederna effect

The Zederna Effect – where and how it works: 
1. The natural suction force of Zederna cedarwood absorbs the sweat effectively.

2. The Zederna Insole sets with its antibacterial effect exactly there, where foot odour and athlete’s foot develop. Smell and fungus creating bacteria are eliminated.
It is as easy as following:
Put simply our very thin and flexible Zederna Insoles made of high-quality cedarwood into your shoes. Foot odour disappears immediately - a very pleasant smell of fresh softwood remains.  The new formation of athlete’s foot and nail fungus is permanently prevented. Existing athlete’s foot fades away after a few days. And all this by simply wearing the insert in your shoes. No annoying treatment with gels or powder!

The Zederna Insole is a 100% natural product from thin cedarwood. The back consists of a stabilizing cotton layer. The sole is flexible and adapts your foot form after a few steps. It gives you a very comfortable feeling (even if you carry orthopedic inserts). Your feet can take a deep breath nearly as liberating as walking barefoot.

It is very pleasant to wear the high-quality insole (made in Germany) with or without socks. But make sure to wear the wooden side above (against your feet). The Insole is suitable for daily use in all your shoes.

You can try our Zederna Inserts completely without risk. We are so much convinced of the quality of our natural product that we offer a 110% money back guarantee!

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The insole - thin and flexible
 Zederna-Sohle extrem dünn und biegsam


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